Tablet shopping guide for kids: What to watch and 9 recommended models?

Giving a tablet to a child, either for his/her birthday, first communion or without celebration in between usually includes a decision phase on which model is the most indicated, what benefits should have, the best platform for your safety as well as maintaining a tight budget. In this shopping guide for tablets for children we comment on the best models we can buy and their characteristics within different price ranges and trying to cover as many varieties as possible.

Which is better, on what features to be fixed?

Tablet shopping guide for kids

Although any tablet could serve a child, there are a number of recommendations that we must take into account when buying a tablet for children and that will make them more suitable for them.

First, try to avoid those models of tablets that really are more toys than electronic devices. They tend to be expensive, with a limited and obsolete operating system very easily. Here the options that we should value almost exclusively as operating systems are Android, its customized versions such as Amazon, and iOS. With them and their application ecosystem we can have different applications as well as parental controls in case we want to use them.

Another recommendation is that we look for tablets that are resistant and not excessively expensive, especially if the tablet is not going to share and will use them almost exclusively. Due to the environment of use, they are likely to suffer falls. Some models are already prepared with handles, reinforced corners or even integrated rubber housings or similar materials. In case the tablet that we choose does not have these series protections, if the child to whom we are going to give a tablet is a young one, it is a recommended accessory.

The performance of the tablet is increasingly important

Tablet shopping guide for kids

Although usually in a tablet for children the performance has not been taken into account for the type of use for which it was thinking that idea is gradually changing with the arrival of increasingly complete games and software to create content that is already available. Editing video, photos and games that are well known and relevant among children who have a full version for tablet, require models that are no longer valid when they are input and are too basic if we intend to be used.

The choice of a more powerful model with more or less diagonal screen is linked to the age of the child. The smallest ones will not require very advanced specifications, but with the increase of their age and the possibilities of the tablets, it is convenient that their technical sheet is better. Here it is convenient that in any of the cases there is at least 16 GB of internal memory so that the use of applications is not very limited.

More than buying a tablet model for children very affordable and that in a short time is discarded for more demanding tasks, it is advisable to balance budget and benefits to achieve a longer life and adapt applications and use to the age and evolution of the child. Also when choosing screen size and resolution, although 7-inch models are more economical and manageable, diagonals between 9 and 10 inches are recommended, along with good autonomy.

Creativity, programming and robots: Much more than consuming content

Tablet shopping guide for kids

Thinking of the tablet as an element of content consumption or pure entertainment leads us to leave aside a wide potential of this type of devices for which the youngest feels a strong attraction. Besides being able to watch content on demand or spend some leisure time, the tablet is now a creation tool : record video / audio and edit it later, make photo retouching and even draw if it is a system with a good compatible stylus, they are activities that the little ones can do with a tablet.

If the recipients of the tablet are interested in these aspects, it is advisable that, in addition to the above, the models we select have quality rear cameras, as well as support for using stylus.

The disciplines STEAM and especially the programming and robotics are in clear boom within the childhood and juvenile age. Both the basic robotics kits and the advanced ones, such as Arduino or Lego, have already found in the tablet an ideal interaction environment. The tablet is therefore a format where many children will have their first contact with a visual and block programming language. We have basics like Scratch Junior, those in charge of programming LEGO robots but also more ambitious ones such as Swift Playgrounds from Apple.

Another environment in which the tablet can have a lot of travel for children is reading. We know that by visualization technology, the ideal is to have an electronic book reader if we want them to start reading in electronic devices, but we should not rule out the tablet for this purpose. Depending on the age and type of book, the tablet is a very attractive device because of its possibilities in contents such as comics or titles with numerous illustrations.

Tips to choose the best tablet and recommended with good value for money

If you have finally decided to buy a tablet for a child, it is time to select the best models within a series of price ranges and characteristics, always bearing in mind that, with appropriate applications of parental control, an education progressive and accessories like a cover, any tablet can be advisable to give a child.

Tablets for children under 100 dollars

Whether our budget is adjusted or if the tablet is intended for a small child, there are recommended tablet models that do not exceed 100 dollars. They are teams whose internal memory is just and the diagonal of reduced screen.

Fire HD 7 from Amazon

Tablet shopping guide for kids

Among the cheap tablets for children, Amazon has the most complete offer. The Fire HD 7 model with 16 GB internal memory costs only 79 dollars. It is a model that comes with the Amazon layer on Android, so we cannot use the Google store directly but Amazon, in addition to having somewhat reduced screen resolution (1024 x 600 pixels) although it is an IPS panel. An advantage it has a microSD card slot with which to expand the space to install applications and multimedia content up to 256 GB.

If we have the possibility of buying it, in the US store there is a specific model for children with the cover already included for 99 dollars. This model of Amazon not only interested in the quality / price ratio but the services and layers that includes, including access for one year to the FreeTime Unlimited service (with hundreds of educational applications and games) or parental controls with aids and “cards” to discover educational apps and games with didactic recommendations for their introduction.

Huawei Mediapad T3 Kids

Tablet shopping guide for kids

Huawei has in its catalog a tablet that costs 99 dollars and is ready to be used by the little ones. The model is called Huawei MediaPad T3 Kids and to start its case is made of silicone, so there is no need to fear too much shock or possible falls. Huawei also adds a special children mode that customizes the interface, adds drawing programs to use with a simple stylus included and a fairly complete management of parental control.

The size of the screen of this tablet is also small, only 7 inches, and has the same resolution and panel technology as the Amazon model: 1024 x 600 pixels and IPS. Regarding the Amazon model part with the advantage of using Android, version 6.0, but with the EMUI layer of the brand. By contrast, the most affordable version only has 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB internal memory that cannot be extended.

Tablets for children under 200 dollars


With a budget of up to 200 dollars, the range of tablets that we can buy becomes larger and of higher quality, especially in what has to do with the screen, being able to choose between more variety (although all of them under Android) and with some models that allow to include covers and ways thought for the use on the part of children.

Lenovo Tab 4 Series

Tablet shopping guide for kids

Within the average range of Android tablets, Lenovo models stand out for their good technical specifications and design. The model that we recommend to give to children is the Tab 4 Series, available with different configurations. The version with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory (expandable with microSD cards), in its Wi-Fi version costs 147 dollars.

This Android tablet has an 8-inch screen with a high resolution of 1920×1200 pixels and powerful Dolby Atmos certified sound.

The Lenovo Tab 4 8 supports several accounts to customize applications and configuration by fingerprint, in addition to an optional package that makes it a model for children. This pack includes a shock-resistant case, stickers to personalize it and a parental control with limits of time of use as well as content selected by KIDOZ.

BQ Aquaris M8 with case for children

Tablet shopping guide for kids

Another model with diagonal of 8 inches and with specific accessories so that we can give it safely to a child is the BQ Aquaris M8 tablet. This model of the Spanish manufacturer has screen with Dragontrail protection but only offers resolution of 1280×800 pixels. Better are other elements of its data sheet like its quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory expandable with microSD and the two cameras, the main one with a 5 MP sensor and f2.2.

The BQ Aquaris M8 can be purchased right now for less than 130 dollars. The cover, sold separately, has a price of 15 dollars. Since there is no specific children mode of BQ, we should manage the use of the tablet with the help of applications and services such as KIDOZ.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Tablet shopping guide for kids

If despite looking for a tablet for children, the idea is to be a family device with longer travel and more diagonal screen, one of the most interesting option in the Android world is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A family, the which includes a Kids mode with which to properly manage the time of use and the recommended applications.

On the Samsung Galaxy Tab A screen diagonal grows up to 10 inches (resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels), something that is appreciated. The tablet, by its diagonal and interior, is heavy, so that for children it can end up tiring. In this family an extra is the quality of the rear camera, with 8-megapixel AF f / 1.9 sensor, as well as battery life.

The model with internal memory of 32 GB (expandable with microSD) can be obtained for less 190 dollars.

ASUS Zenpad 8

Tablet shopping guide for kids

ASUS has an Android tablet model (for now only updated to version 6.0) compact that costs no more than 200 dollars. The Zenpad 8 cannot boast of resolution (1280×800 pixels) but it can laminate that component, which, together with its being an IPS panel, gives us a lot of visualization quality.

This model has a front speaker to play music and play video, it has GPS, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, and we have the ASUS Kids mode. It costs 190 dollars.

Iconia One 8

Tablet shopping guide for kids

Another model with 8-inch screen (1280 x 800 pixels and laminated to reduce reflections), compact and lightweight to take it from one side to another is the Acer Iconia One 8. It has internal memory of 16 GB expandable with microSD cards, good battery and 2 GB of RAM. It comes with Android 7.0, the latest version that Google has of its operating system adapted to tablets. Its price des of 139 dollars.

In this price segment, the tablets under Android are those that reign indisputably. If you want more alternatives, you can take a look at our selection of Android tablets of less than 200 dollars.

Tablets for children over 200 dollars

When the child to whom we are going to give a tablet already has an age in which he will use the tablet more intensively and for example we need to have support for digital pens, two are the most complete options and that all members can take advantage of the family.

iPad 2018

Tablet shopping guide for kids

The new iPad 2018 is still one of the most complete options if we want to give a tablet to a child. Its advantage is in the ecosystem, security of the platform and global quality of the device, which is now somewhat cheaper. From 349 dollars, the iPad 2018 offers a screen of almost 10 inches and high resolution, is very powerful to ensure several years of use without any problem, but nevertheless we come across that as a sharing device is somewhat devalued by the no possibility of having several profiles, which does not benefit that we leave it to the little ones without direct supervision. Nor can you expand the internal memory, which is 32 GB in the basic model.

As we have indicated, a good accessory of a tablet in this category can be a stylus. Here Apple plays with advantage with its new iPad, which includes compatibility with the Pencil, which has dropped in price but is still an extra that costs 99 dollars.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Tablet shopping guide for kids

Another high-end model where the screen, for quality and resolution, stands out especially, is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. It is a powerful tablet, with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, four speakers to be able to use it as a screen to view content, and good cameras for creating content.

To highlight this Galaxy Tab S3, compatibility with S-Pen, which in this case is included, although the price is the highest of the selection: 520 dollars. It is not a tablet exclusively for a child but a complete family solution very powerful and in which you can mark a profile for children with ease.

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