Why the file system on your Android phone is more important than you think?

Android phone

Imagine that we compare Google Pixel with Lenovo Moto Z: they are two phone calls, that’s no doubt, and each has its distinct advantages: Google Assistant and the camera are strengths of the Pixel, while Moto Z has that Interesting ability to expand their options with Moto Mods. Oh, we forgot something: the Moto Z gives kicks to Pixel in your file system. File system? What is that file system?…


Posh Mobile, the self-proclaimed creator of the Android smartphone world’s smallest

Posh Mobile

For some years there is a marked trend toward large-screen smartphone, 5 inches being the most sold and size requested by consumers; however there is still a group of users who are looking for smaller devices, which mostly are people who do not want great specs, but a more portable and easily manageable size. Today is almost a mission impossible to find devices less than four inches, of course, they…