What is the RCS? The messaging protocol with which Google and the operators want to retire to the SMS


Today we are going to explain what the RCS is, the technology that the operators want to happen to the SMS as a standardized messaging system. It is a modern successor to the classic text messages of a lifetime, but it will offer many of the options that we already have available in other messaging applications over the Internet. Let’s start by explaining exactly what the RCS is and who is behind this…


5 reasons to buy a Pixelbook and another 7 to not do it!


With all of you, ladies and gentlemen, the best Chromebook in history. Which, by the way, changes its name and is called Pixelbook, in a burst of Googlerian pride. That makes this convertible the most ambitious of all Chrome OS-based computers. It is of course a team that attracts by design and features, but which can also be found some buts. In fact, there are almost as many arguments in favor of this team as against…


Artificial Intelligence Google no longer needs us to create our own encryption


The Deep Learning represents an intimate mode of functioning of the human nervous system approach, and applies to artificial intelligence systems to be able to learn to do things for themselves. This is becoming a key technology to process massive amounts of data served by Big Data, but its evolution is beginning to achieve surprising quotas, and even a little disturbing. A team of Google Brain, the draft deep learning…


Shares of Alphabet (Google) reach a record high and growth is unstoppable


Alphabet is one of the strongest technology companies in the world, and this is confirmed in its latest financial results relating to the third quarter of 2016 ended on 30 September. The figures presented are impressive Google bought shown with the previous year, which has caused shares have soared to a record high for the company. In short, Google is reporting revenues of 22,451 million, i.e. an increase of 20%…


Google and Facebook will build the fastest in the Pacific submarine cable 120 Tbps


It’s funny how the data in the cloud are possible thanks to cables found at the bottom of the ocean, a solution that is growing dramatically because increasingly require more bandwidth and higher speed. Today it has more than 1,000 million meters of submarine cable on our planet, but this is not enough, so we have already seen projects as TIDE, where Microsoft and Facebook have teamed up to install…


Google wants to be more like Apple, and that is dangerous


The launch of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL marks a new era in the Mountain View company: one that Google becomes a company that is much closer to Apple when launching products and not only controls software but also hardware. That, of course, is dangerous, especially because if Google has achieved that success with Android has been offering it to any manufacturer. The hardware bet is not particularly differential,…