ZTE Axon 7, trembles to high-end

ZTE Axon 7

ZTE has now been many years trying to enter through the front door of the mobile phone. So far their attempts have been somewhat unsuccessful, at least in our country, but like Huawei, which already has a reserved place among the top, ZTE is doing very well. If we talk about many phones as OnePlus, Motorola Xiaomi or when we want good specs at prices adjusted now have us ZTE…


HTC 10 is against rivals high-end

HTC 10

After some recent models that gradually have been moving away from the leading positions in high-end, HTC today unveiled its new HTC 10. With him have wanted to wipe the slate clean trying not to forget some of its identity, and that we see it in a different but similar name, and the same goes for your design. By changing HTC has changed to date in which it presents its flagships, preferring to wait to take weeks from…