Microsoft, to conquer the gesture control and its advances are promising

When Microsoft showed us how Kinect – now the great forgotten – it was possible to interact with the Xbox and even Windows through our gestures all think ‘Minority Report’. Had he reached the future that we painted our computers Spielberg ‘The answer, it was found a posteriori, was a resounding no. That gesture control has been relegated to the background despite interest from other companies and manufacturers, but Microsoft…


The next phones Microsoft will be high and innovative range, point to the business sector

I do not say, she says Kevin Gallo is a vice president of the company, responsible for the development of the platform. It is more or less what has been counting on an event BUILD that took place in London: we can mainly summarize their next phone will go to the company. It is the priority of the company now, we understand that in a global market practically dominated by…


Hololens opens, Microsoft speaks of the future with it’s mixed reality


In Microsoft they have followed a different manufacturer like HTC Oculus or road, and against those pure virtual reality devices in Microsoft seemed focused on a pure solution also augmented reality with its Hololens. That philosophy changed significantly following the announcement today at Computex. Terry Myerson there has announced that the Windows platform will not be alone holographic centered Hololens: any developer or manufacturer must have the tools to implement…


Can Microsoft still win on mobile?


The future of smartphones based on Windows 10 and Windows Phone is a rather obscurity colored. We talk about their hardware division, which has been providing news like last week in which layoffs predicted a road different from what many had wished for such devices route. For some Microsoft is retiring to time a part of the business that fails to move forward, but obviously wish that Microsoft would not…


Microsoft smartphones sales fell by 73% and no light at the end of the tunnel

Microsoft smartphones

Microsoft has filed financial results for the period ended March 31, i.e. the first quarter of 2016, where the company has fallen below expectations with numbers that follow with the downward trend of previous quarters. The Redmond Company is presenting revenues of 20,500 million dollars and a net profit of 3.800 billion, a decrease of 5.5% and 24% respectively against the same period last year, plus analysts expected a higher…