How many actual loads have a mobile

Mobile loads

The battery is one of the great mysteries of a smartphone. Just only we know her capacity measured in milliamp hours or WHr, and technology generally Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) and Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly). However, beyond these parameters, we can say little more than a battery. Data such as real autonomy with mobile running, or the lifetime of the battery measured in cycles of loading and unloading, are an inexact science,…


Can Microsoft still win on mobile?


The future of smartphones based on Windows 10 and Windows Phone is a rather obscurity colored. We talk about their hardware division, which has been providing news like last week in which layoffs predicted a road different from what many had wished for such devices route. For some Microsoft is retiring to time a part of the business that fails to move forward, but obviously wish that Microsoft would not…


This amazing system based on an EEG and a mobile can translate thought into speech


A California company called Smartstones has created a device that allows people with speech difficulties to express themselves by reading brain waves that are interpreted and transformed into sentences through a mobile application. The system combines a striking EEG Emotiv device and application: prose, with which patients of diseases such as ALS, autism or cerebral palsy, among others, may have to reach a form of expression that will enable communication…