A Netflix’s interest to have the best chips in the market on your laptop

If there is, something we share users is our love for the multimedia content. Whether at home or work, applications, video streaming are candy too juicy to ignore. We have taken over the account, but that convenience to continue seeing our favorite series right where we left off, catching the laptop lying on the bed, put on our helmets and off the second season of Daredevil, that’s something that we…


Netflix was serious blocking the proxies and VPN is increasingly difficult skip


Last January, and shortly after confirm their arrival to all countries (except China and those US embargo, of course), Netflix made a statement of intent: the service video on demand announcing detection Enhanced proxies and VPN, with the intention to cut off access to users who use such systems to skip the geographical blockade. At that time did not give many details on the technology to use and how efficient…