Samsung uses the neural chip TrueNorth to create a camera that emulates the human retina

Samsung TrueNorth Camera

IBM had created its TrueNorth processor based on the structure of the human brain, and creating with its 4096-neurosynaptic cores and 5.4 billion transistors similar to the neural structure. All with a with only 0,063 watts consumption, a fraction of what current domestic consume CPU. Now Samsung has taken this chip-brain and adapted it to work with your Dynamic Vision Sensor, a photo sensor that works similarly to the human…


Samsung will step on the accelerator with the production of OLED screens, preparing for the iPhone?

We ended last week talking big mobile manufacturers that are going to bet on the panels OLED for best mobile phones: names like Huawei and Xiaomi are among the information, with LG Display as the main supplier. Across sidewalk, we have a Korean Samsung dominating this scenario, factories and preparing for what is to come. What it tells us Nikkei is that Koreans will spend 6,800 million dollars in improving…