The next revolution of your smartphone is not the camera it is the screen

smartphone screen

The arguments to sell us “the next great smartphone” have been many and varied. The manufacturers have conquered us with their promises on smartphones with bigger diagonals, better cameras (dual or not), water resistances, fast and wireless loads, with spectacular and ultra-thin designs and, of course, with more powerful and versatile mobiles. Every year, this new revolution usually appears, which offers us the perfect excuse to change your mobile, and…


Is it possible a completely open smartphone? Purism and want to find out Librem Phone


While a small company called Purism strives to provide users with alternatives in which there is no hardware or software component that is not fully open. The Free 11 Purism was one of the last examples in this segment, but now they want to go beyond the notebook. The project Librem Phone this firm wants to develop a completely free smartphone that aims to be ” a phone with free…


Device as a Service, equilaterals your smartphone or your laptop instead of buying?

Until recently when one wanted to enjoy a computer, a smartphone or tablet had only one alternative: I buy it and then use it as long as possible and that the investment by the proper use of equipment will be depreciated. That could change in the coming years because more and more manufacturers are transforming the traditional model to offer an option that may be attractive to certain types of…


Deals smartphones can enjoy virtual reality through Microsoft FlashBack

Virtual reality is now on everyone’s lips. Virtually all manufacturers want to have their piece of a pie that can still grow a lot and, despite being still poorly cooked, and begin to awaken a tremendous anticipation. The biggest problem now is that the VR hard requires a hardware too powerful and smooth does not go much beyond 360 videos. Now Microsoft wants to continue adding attractive to Windows 10,…


The next smartphones could lead not only flexible display, but also Holographic

Flexible display

Since 2011 we are hearing that the flexible screen are the future of smartphones and mobile devices, we have even seen the first devices that are a kind of demonstration of skills, since in reality not been found a real practical use to curved screens, while the promises of the benefits it will bring us a flexible screen mobile remains that, a promise. Despite this, there have been interesting projects…


Posh Mobile, the self-proclaimed creator of the Android smartphone world’s smallest

Posh Mobile

For some years there is a marked trend toward large-screen smartphone, 5 inches being the most sold and size requested by consumers; however there is still a group of users who are looking for smaller devices, which mostly are people who do not want great specs, but a more portable and easily manageable size. Today is almost a mission impossible to find devices less than four inches, of course, they…


The HTC 10 wants to be the ultimate smartphone for audiophiles

HTC 10

The design of the new HTC 10 did not invite optimism: suddenly disappeared those characteristic front speakers that just confirmed the interest of HTC by a section often neglected by other manufacturers: the sound. But yesterday we learned that this commitment not only had remained: had been strengthened. The arrival of BoomSound Hi-Fi, the new edition of the popular audio technology HTC smartphones, joins other elements which on paper could make this device especially…