Tablet shopping guide for kids: What to watch and 9 recommended models?

Tablet shopping guide for kids

Giving a tablet to a child, either for his/her birthday, first communion or without celebration in between usually includes a decision phase on which model is the most indicated, what benefits should have, the best platform for your safety as well as maintaining a tight budget. In this shopping guide for tablets for children we comment on the best models we can buy and their characteristics within different price ranges…


2016 has been the year in which the pure tablet happened to be irrelevant


It was the device that was going to do away with the PC. The one that showed that a format directed specifically to the consumption of contents could triumph. The iPad set the tone, but unlike what has happened with the iPhone, this disruption has been a short – range. This is demonstrated by the evolution of unit sales over the last quarters: all manufacturers are resenting, and although the…


Do you know how to choose the best processor for your tablet?

Choose the best processor

When we buy a computer, the CPU and the graphics are two components that we tend to pay special attention. Of them, it depends largely on computer performance and quality of the user experience the same and applications. Even in smartphones we show interest in the leading processor, but the tablets, it is unusual that we choose one model or another using as a criterion the processor. It may seem…