The virtual reality without cables is already possible in the HTC Live, but it will not be cheap


One of the major drawbacks of most virtual reality solutions is that physical connection that virtual reality glasses should have with the computer or console that provides the content. The HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift or the recent PS VR force we are wired, and that makes the experience a little uncomfortable. A team of developers and engineers has devised a way to solve the problem in HTC Vive, for…


Deals smartphones can enjoy virtual reality through Microsoft FlashBack

Virtual reality is now on everyone’s lips. Virtually all manufacturers want to have their piece of a pie that can still grow a lot and, despite being still poorly cooked, and begin to awaken a tremendous anticipation. The biggest problem now is that the VR hard requires a hardware too powerful and smooth does not go much beyond 360 videos. Now Microsoft wants to continue adding attractive to Windows 10,…


Hololens opens, Microsoft speaks of the future with it’s mixed reality


In Microsoft they have followed a different manufacturer like HTC Oculus or road, and against those pure virtual reality devices in Microsoft seemed focused on a pure solution also augmented reality with its Hololens. That philosophy changed significantly following the announcement today at Computex. Terry Myerson there has announced that the Windows platform will not be alone holographic centered Hololens: any developer or manufacturer must have the tools to implement…


Phones and virtual reality will find themselves on the road and ARM wants to be the common brain: Cortex-A73


The virtual reality is here to stay, and there is a key player in the electronics industry that is not directing its activities to serve solutions. It is a reality that the mobile world has much to say in this, since much of the devices that we use used as a phone brain and screen. Who is the chief designer of mobile processors? It is ARM and also wants to…