Xiaomi already has a smartphone for gamers and is called Black Shark

Xiaomi Black Shark

The Chinese manufacturer does not stop: after the introduction of the super Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and the expansion of its range of laptops with the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop now comes a new bet in the field of mobile for gamers : the Xiaomi Black Shark. The configuration of this new device is very similar to that of Mi Mix 2S, but all these hardware features are added interesting options such as a curious Bluetooth gamepad to offer…


Xiaomi assaults the camera market with serious bet: Mirrorless, 4K, and knockdown price

xiaomi camera

At this point in the film I would not say that Xiaomi is a company known for their phones, since their expansion all electronic pileup has no limits, and the next territory that wants to conquer is that of the cameras. Some historical brands will be thinking that has been a bad neighbor to the neighborhood. The debut is done with its company YI – Young Innovators – the same…


Fitbit leads the sale of wearables in the second quarter, Xiaomi pursues its affordable bracelets


The market for wearables makes more noise on the news that sales, and see that there are important companies stuck in the business. The reality is that is growing and leaders are being defined , but has not yet made any bomb, nothing to do with the takeoff of mobile phones with iPhone and Android, as some predicted. We will have patience and let us know how the issue is,…


Xiaomi think that two heads are better than one and launches dual camera configuration in the Redmi Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Pro

Xiaomi had an appointment with us today and has complied with the presentation of the new Redmi Pro. We are facing an important step in the successful family of Redmi phones, which according to its creator has passed the 110 million phones sold globally. Its main feature, or at least what makes it different from his brothers, is the dual camera configuration for the rear, where coexist a sensor Sony…