Techniques of optimizing paragraphs of website

People often do not read careful when browsing sites. First, the speed of online reading is slow; second, the site content has nothing to do with the purpose of visitors. Therefore, they will see quickly when browsing sites. This difference way of browsing determines that the writing of a site also requires a corresponding writing style.

In a website of a seo Company, the large section of text is not favorable to reading, which will destroy the friendliness of the site. Therefore, we should have to do some processing.

optimizing paragraphs of website

(1) The advantages of a small paragraph
For the eyes of visitors, a small paragraph appears clear and concise; it is not only conducive to fast reading, but also more likely to catch the attention of visitors. Therefore, we should split information into a number of hypertext links from the node to shorten the text without affecting the depth of content. There is another advantage of separating blocks of text, that is: visitors can see the whole paragraph without dragging the scroll bar. This method of design is not only in favor of the memory of the content of articles for visitors but also meets those visitors who do not like dragging the scroll bar website Google SEO.

(2) To split the large body of text into short sections
Experts suggest the continuity of the long blocks of text separated into several small paragraphs and to focus on each paragraph explain a point. Paragraphs in the division need to note: each paragraph should be relatively independent. Entrance to the site are many visitors in different search engines to site search by keywords, in this case, they will not give them in accordance with your organization to read page structure, you are given the order is also likely to be disrupted. If you have just read some of the passages are not set up, but the visitor has just arrived here, they may have cast doubt on the quality of the site.

(3) To note the reading habits of visitors when splitting the paragraph:
You should pay attention to the reading habits of visitors when writing the content of your site. Most visitors just like to see the beginning of the paragraph when reading Google SEO Services, which is why our sentences begin with general titles.

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