Technological trends for 2018: What new devices are coming in the future?

The technology has become an essential aspect of the daily lives of millions of people throughout the world. Mobile devices, internet, instant communication, medical advances, new forms of entertainment, machines to facilitate work and many more elements are already firmly entrenched in our day to day, but the future is full of surprises. Here you will find the most expected trends for 2018 …

+ Artificial Intelligence: Advances in this field have accelerated in recent years and we believes that in 2018 you can begin to see a change in which this type of technology begins to take a more decisive role in the business process. With the implementation of machines in tasks previously exclusive for human beings, the time devoted to the analysis and planning of new scenarios and innovations could be radically reduced; which in turn will leave people more time to make crucial decisions.

+ ESports: One of the biggest example of digitalization in all aspects of human activity can be seen in sports. The competitive online game has become bigger and more powerful. Thanks in part to the best distribution channels through the internet and partly due to the increasing computing power of home entertainment systems. People can even bet on the outcome of the games with Ladbrokes. Likewise, even traditional disciplines will see in 2018 the addition of technology to their regular experience.

+ Internet of Things: The estimate is to get, by 2018 or soon after, connect more than 100 billion devices through the Internet to exchange data, make decisions and coordinate efforts for the organization of human and material resources. The technology in this field aims, according to the expert from Dell, to integrate cars, homes, organizations and even smart cities which can come to function as an extension of human capabilities.

+ Augmented Reality: It will not be long until the lines between ‘real’ reality and Augmented Reality begin to fade. It’s expected to regular use for 2018 in construction work, where architects and engineers already use devices to broaden their perspective and be able to achieve a unique vision in their work. Although it also mentions the capabilities of Virtual Reality, especially in entertainment, it places greater emphasis on the greater commercial viability of this technology.

+ Mega-Cloud: By 2018, we will see the emergence of the ‘mega-cloud’, which will interlace multiple private and public clouds to behave as a coherent and holistic system. This technology could lead to tools such as storage, the orchestration of networks and the exchange and organization of data at another level. The change is expected to be so revolutionary, that one could even speak of a new generation. In the way in which information is handled through the internet.

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