The 17 new features of Android 7.1 Nougat

Nougat Android 7.1 is here besides coming from the factory in the new Pixel, the Nexus 5X Nexus Pixel 6P and C can also download for a few hours to enjoy a previous version and the new features of this new version of Android.

Android 7.1 is the first quarterly update of Nougat, but is not a simple upgrade maintenance, as are many new products that we will find, some of which are very important with small changes in the Android interface.


The main novelty of Android 7.1 is the new shortcuts that will access directly from the application icons with a long keypress style 3D Touch of iPhone. In this way, we can call or send a message to our favorite contact, start a private browsing with Chrome, go home, create a reminder and more.

The new shortcuts are displayed in a design of a list of sandwiches. Clicking the icon of the two lines, we can add on the home screen that shortcut.

Image Source: Google Image


One of the novelties of the Pixel was his new Help section in the settings, but ultimately this is a novelty of Android 7.1. Google has also added this section in its Nexus, although it is limited to providing direct access to the support page and help from Google and section of tips and tricks Android. In the Pixel, no phone support and chat.

Redesigned suggestions

Soon we can see in the screenshot above, the suggestions have been redesigned to now display a color , now placing them a gray background color and removing the separating lines of the previous version . Now looks much more Material Design.


Continuing Settings find the new section movements that allows us to configure the gestures of our device, such as opening the camera with a double click on the power button, change camera by turning the device twice, or check notifications only lift mobile.


If we go to the storage settings in your menu, we find the new option Cleanup .Android 7.1 can deploy applications that delete files when the user accesses this configuration. For example, Google Photos erase all photos and videos of more than 30 days have backup, and the system will recommend uninstalling applications with more than 90 days without use.

Intelligent storage

The new option to free up space comes with smart storage Google Photos to automatically delete old photos and videos with backup of our device.

The intelligent storage is configured from Settings> Manage Storage. There we can say that the photos and old videos are deleted when they are 30 days, 60 days or 90 days old.

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Send pictures, stickers and GIFs from the keyboard

Another important novelty of Android 7.1 is that now attach images, stickers and animated GIFs in applications that support this type of files. This means you can find animated GIFs without leaving the keyboard to attach to your conversations. Google Keyboard and supports searching and sending GIFs in Android 7.1, but so far only the Messenger application supports.


This may surprise more than one, but Android 7.1 adds the option to reset the device officially. Most manufacturers have already implemented this option for some time.

Quick settings

Rapid adjustments have also been redesigns. Now instead of five settings will be six settings when the notification bar is lowered along for full access settings. If you deploy the full quick adjustments, we will see the new icon of a pencil to edit the quick adjustments.

Your system is updated

If we go to “Settings> Phone Status> System Updates” we will see a renewed window that shows version we have, the level of security patch together the date of the last check.

Volume control

The volume control now displays the text of each option is no longer any doubt that volume controls each symbol.

Circular icons

Applications can add a circular display on compatible launchers like the icon Pixel Launcher.

Updates system A / B

Manufacturers may release an update another update system A and B simultaneously to test various changes and features to see which version has better received by users.

Security Bulletin

Now if you click on the section level patch of Android from Settings> Phone Status will access security bulletins each monthly security update.

Metadata in animated backgrounds

The animated wallpapers can now show in your preview data as a tag, the description and the author as well as a new context URL and title to link to more information.

Google Camera 4.2

The Chamber of Google Nexus and the Pixel to version 4.2 is updated to provide the control to correct the exposure and three types of grids.

Google Phone 6.0

Applying Google Phone 6.0 also gets a facelift, with its radical change when we make or receive a call. Now to accept a call will have to slide up.

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