The effect of web page on SEO

It is rapidly expanding that the number of pages on the internet increases. Although some people doubt the sustainability of this increase, this trend will not decline in the foreseeable future. So, when faced with massive web pages, the search engine plays a very important role in how to measure to ensure the quality of web pages to provide the page of the highest accuracy to users.
The current search engines judge the quality of web page from the links such as PageRank and HITS. The method of judging the quality of pages from links has a certain feasibility, currently Google determines the quality from links by which the search results provided are very good.

effect of web page on SEO

The level of activity of pages changes over time. Some pages are only valuable in a particular stage, and then they will become obsolete. Thus, Yahoo SEO Service also needs to focus on and optimize the timeliness of pages.

However, this method has some disadvantages:

First, compared with old pages, new pages rarely has massive links, so new web pages cannot compare to old pages in the weight and importance of web pages.

Second, the quality of many pages changes and even declines over time.

Third, webmasters can easily create a lot of spam links, thus changing the rankings of the linked pages on search engines Bing SEO Services. Meanwhile, the increased pages only reflect the preferences of the webmaster and do not represent the end user.

The effect of timeliness of pages on SEO:

First: the frequency of spider crawling reduces, while the new page cannot be fast included by search engines to extend the time for page ranking.

Second: If the site is not updated in a long-term status, the search engine Bing SEO Service will gradually reduce the importance of web pages and sites weight.

How to optimize timeliness of pages:

First: there are enough old pages pointing to links when new pages emerge.

Second: An old page needs to maintain a certain update to increase the activeness of pages.

Third: to regularly update new information for the site to ensure the frequency of updating the information of the site.

Optimization of timeliness can be carried out at a deeper level; it is helpful for SEO to keep the normal frequency of updating the website.

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