The first explosions of the NES Mini confirm that it is a Linux based emulator

There are still a couple of days for the Nintendo NES Mini to go on sale officially, but as we know, have already been around the first analyzes that prepare us for this new bet Nintendo, where as expected, some have dedicated to gut her to know what is inside, in order to solve one of the biggest questions: can it be modified to add new games?

Those who have managed to dismantle the NES Mini are confirming what many already imagined, that we are facing a computer with a modified version of Linux, yes, the style of the large number of emulators that exist today based Raspberry Pi day, which means that Nintendo did not want to break their heads and went the easy way.

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The NES Mini is an emulator, but legal

Peter Brown of Gamespot was the first to feed the network with images of the motherboard of the NES Mini, which made the whole maker community and fans of Nintendo on Reddit were put to investigate further the capabilities of this console, very interesting results but disappointing for those who wish to modify.

The NES Mini is powered by a SoC AllWinner R16, which assuming that there is a specifically designed version for Nintendo can determine, by the same manufacturer, which is a chip under architecture 28 nanometer CPU ARM Cortex-A7 Four cores with a maximum speed of 1.2 GHz, a dual-core Mali-400 GPU, with 256 MB of DDR3 RAM and 512 MB of NAND flash storage. This means it is more powerful than the Wii and even the Nintendo 3DS, in addition to this configuration opens up the possibility that we will see more consoles ‘mini’ in the future.

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The system it uses is a modified version of Linux capable of emulating NES games, but would be able to emulate any ROM, all at a maximum resolution of 1080p. The bad news is that the motherboard does not support expansion via USB or memory cards, in addition to the Flash memory is welded to the plate, making it virtually impossible to modify to add new games.

With this, Nintendo’s strategy is clear, since seeing as increasing day by day projects emulators consoles, Nintendo has decided to create his bringing its design and especially the factor of legality that make it an object of worship, as well That it is focusing on consumers who are not specialists in the field of modifications.

Thus everything is becoming a little clearer, if we want the NES Mini will be by design and will be limited to their 30 games, but if we want more games as simple and cheap, it will pull the large number of projects based on raspberry Pi that exist out there.

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