The Galaxy Note 7 crisis has led Apple to advance Samsung in sales

This comparison of units sold in periods is always interesting, but complicated, since there are firms like Apple that tell us the number of phones that have sold in the quarter, and others like Samsung, you have to play with the data that analysts handle And market research. If we listen to Strategy Analytics, Apple has won this game.

The boys from Cupertino would have sold 800000 phones over the last quarter of the year than Samsung, and although it seems a small amount for the millions of devices they sell, is a very important figure. Important since what Apple sells are products with a much higher price, while Samsung have all kinds of smart phones.

Apple vs Samsung
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That Apple has reached this privileged situation, with very nice accounts, will have to thank the new iPhone 7, which have worked really well in the market, despite its moderate annual renewal.

On the opposite side of the ring we have the crisis of Note 7, which had worked little in sales would have eaten and overcome that little difference in favor of Apple. If we add up the four millions of Note 7 that were originally distributed, these accounts would be clearly different.

Galaxy S8 will unleash

Going into detail, we need to know that the iPhone has expanded by 78.3 million units in that last quarter, an outrage that allows you to get a market share of 17.8%. Samsung’s 77.5 million, according to Strategy Analytics, gives it a market share of 17.7%.

Apple vs Samsung
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The figures seen in the full year do give a more real position to the Korean giant, with cumulative sales of 309.4 million phones, for the 215.4 that registers the apple. A total of 438.7 million phones were sold in the last quarter of the year, this is 9% more than the previous year. The accumulated 2016 speaks of 1.5 billion new phones on the planet, which is 3% more than in 2015.

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I say again, are ‘fun’ figures to compare, but the reality is that Samsung would already have the profit margin, and revenue, for every phone that Apple sells. A large part of Korean sales come from affordable phones launched in markets like India, Africa or Latin America: according to Strategy Analytics, one of four Samsung models are very low cost.

Chinese brands continue to cut

Chinese firms are there lurking, it is a reality that names like Huawei and the group behind Oppo (Vivo and OnePlus are inside) are growing significantly, although still far from the two main contenders. A little further back, and although it does not come on the list, we would have to Xiaomi.

Apple vs Samsung
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This is the first time that a Chinese brand – Huawei – reaches more than 10% in market share, and the trend is to keep growing. The iPhone is a symbol of precious representation in China, but the reality is that very expensive compared to a Vivo or a Huawei.

The Wall Street Journal, with data from IDC, makes quite clear the movement of Chinese firms, ahead of Apple, where is Samsung?

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