The headphone jack has a lot of war left to give

Fairs like the recent Mobile World Congress often confirm trends or (almost) make them disappear. Last year we saw how virtual reality and 360-degree video covered everything, but this year hardly any references have been seen to that segment, nor have we heard of phones without a headphone jack, a controversial decision that Apple has already taken with The iPhone 7 / Plus but not many will emulate this year.

It is what at least follows from both what has happened in the MWC and all the rumors that have been appearing on the high-end terminals that will be presented in the coming weeks and months. It seems that the headphone connector has much to say on smartphones, and we are glad a lot.

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Rumors about the death of the 3.5mm connector have been greatly exaggerated

The debate over the validity of the headset connector led to heated discussions between users and the industry. In fact less than a year ago some pointed to the USB-C connector would replace replacing the headset on Android terminals, thus mimicking the replacement that the iPhone had done with that connector and his own, Lightning.

Some terminals did take the step: the Moto Z and some LeTV models were the pioneers of a trend that in fact already was seen in portable consoles like the Gameboy Advance SP.

The arrival of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus confirmed that decision of an Apple that did not shake the pulse despite the criticism. A later breakdown of these devices allowed them to know what they had gained from the change (something more battery), and even consultants like NPD confirmed that wireless headsets were becoming more popular.

headphone jack
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The headphone connector, winner of MWC 2017

That may convince HTC, one of the few firms that seem to have followed steadily that trend: their recent HTC 10 Evo and HTC U Ultra did not have the headphone connector, something like Apple was heavily criticized even if there Even more so than putting it to the Taiwanese manufacturer’s high-end terminal.

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The rest of the manufacturers of terminals based on Android, the fact is that we have not seen any movement in this regard in the Mobile World Congress, and both the resurgent and anecdotal Nokia 3310 as the BlackBerry KEYONE, the eye-catching LG G6 or a solid Huawei P10 Made it clear that the headset connector was here to stay.

The fact that getting rid of the 3.5mm connector involves significant sacrifices that harm the user. Neither Sony with its Xperia XZ Premium nor Lenovo with the new Moto G5 and G5 Plus wanted to give up (Sony made it especially clear), confirming that the headphone connector was one of the great winners of the Mobile World Congress 2017.

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You will continue to connect your helmets as always for a long time

It is not at all clear that the terminals to come say farewell to the headphone jack. We have the first of our big players about to appear: we already know many things about the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the latest rumors seem to confirm that the headset connector will still be available.

That will also be true in long-awaited terminals such as the OnePlus 4 (OnePlus 5, which 4 is unlucky in China) that will theoretically be launched in summer and also very likely to hold the connector. It does not appear that Chinese manufacturers like Huawei or Xiaomi are going to make changes in this sense

In front of them are models that probably will eradicate that port of headphones. The HTC 11, the Moto Z2 and of course the iPhone 8 will not have this type of connection port, but there is also another surprise follower of the trend: Google, which according to recent rumors will not offer the headphone jack on your Pixel 2.

Although certainly continue to arrive models that will stop using the traditional headphone port, it seems that much of the industry will continue betting on a connector that works perfectly and that you do not have to say goodbye because there is still much war to give.

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