The importance of internal links of SEO

Good internal links of a website will bring abundant resources of links to the site, so internal links are very important for optimizing a website. But what effects do internal links have after all? The meaning of Google SEO is not just about rankings of keywords but more about the structure of a site, traffic of long tail keywords and design of user experience. But what roles can internal links play therein?

1. First of all, we can analyze the roles internal links play on the rankings of keywords. Here, the role of internal links is simply the same as the role played by the hyperlink, which is essentially the same as the role of external links. If you could get internal links together well, then there will be no problems with the ranking of keywords. Of course, this depends on the degree of difficulty of keywords and the quantity of internal links of your website.

internal links of SEO

2. The importance of internal links to design of site structure and user experience. For a site of WEB2.0, the foundation and the core is the hyperlink. Of course, the core of the algorithm of the search engine in times of WEB2.0 is hyperlink, while the core of user experience is also hyperlink. Therefore, we can see the importance of internal links from such a definition. A Site with a clear structure often gives people friendly user experience. Most hyperlinks in a website are internal links, only a small part of them are external links. Similarly, the design of user experience of guidelines certainly needs the guideline of hyperlinks to complete.

3. The importance of internal links attracting traffic of long-tail words. A general website will not put resources of external links on long tail words, unless it has too many resources. So most of resources of long-tail links are from internal links, which is more cost-effective Google SEO Services. I have been advocating: the greatest feature of SEO is to save costs, whether money or links or other resources.

We can see the great role of internal links by the above analysis, so later, when you are setting up external links, do not neglect the importance of internal links for search engine optimization.

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