The Intel NUCs catch up to become the ultimate mini-computer: Intel Optane, Kaby Lake and Thunderbolt 3

They do not attract attention in the media as laptops “pro” or “all-in-one” design, but small teams of Intel are renewed every year, presenting a lot of technology in a minimum format. In this CES 2017, we are meeting new NUC that, as expected, premiered processors Kaby Lake of the house.

The design has also been revamped to accommodate this seventh generation of Intel processors, can play with the new Core i3, i5 and i7, we find in five different models that could easily replace a desktop computer with its power.

The design changes by adopting darker aluminum and placing the buttons on the front. For those who do not know them, Intel mini-PCs are often a technology benchmark for other competitors, proving that there is room for new – and useful – technologies. In this case, we have the introduction of Intel Optane, Thunderbolt 3, and HDMI version 2.0.

Intel NUC
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Optane is the new generation of Intel SSDs, based on its XPoint 3D technology, which boasts a thousand times faster than traditional NAND, in addition to being ‘non-volatile’: something like if we could use RAM as A hard drive. The Optane will only be present in the ‘high’ NUC models.

The addition of Thunderbolt 3 via USB-C is no less important because it allows through these ports can send the video signal to monitors, or charge devices with them. Kaby Lake processors and its integrated ‘Intel Iris Plus’ graphics give enough power to play, edit video, or just create a powerful multimedia center.

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As for configurations, we have already said that five models: three of them have a higher height, as you can see in the introductory image and two of them the small size (in this option does not fit Core i7).

Intel NUC
Image Source: Google Image

The Kaby Lake are 15% faster than the Skylake and Optane drives are up to ten times faster than an SSD. The fact of having HDMI 2.0 specification makes it ideal for mounting a quality HTPC 4K at 60Hz equipment is in addition to supporting HDCP 2.2 capable.

When are they put up for sale? As models with Intel Core i3 will be available soon, while the higher teams will have to wait at the end of the quarter. Pricing, as they will continue to have a high value: about 300, 400 and $ 500 respectively with Core i3, i5, i7.

With these changes in the NUC, we must be attentive to new Skull Canyon, it’s still stuck in the Skylake processors.

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