The next phones Microsoft will be high and innovative range, point to the business sector

I do not say, she says Kevin Gallo is a vice president of the company, responsible for the development of the platform. It is more or less what has been counting on an event BUILD that took place in London: we can mainly summarize their next phone will go to the company.

It is the priority of the company now, we understand that in a global market practically dominated by iOS and Android, little room for third parties is growing, so they will look for special market niches where they can make a difference.

Kevin explained that the strategy taken with Nokia and affordable phones did not take them or to earn money or to gain share market. While in the corporate sector sales work differently and possible relationships with customers are better established.

The statements suggest that the next generation of phones that Microsoft believes – is Surface or not – will be very much in line devices the HP Elite X3: technical specifications art and innovative elements that really interest to potential buyers. The HP product will not be sold in regular sales channels; it is also focused on the company.

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Gallo insists on the idea of not abandoning Windows Phone or what we now call mobile version of Windows 10, in fact promises that soon there will be a major upgrade for the system, which will come from the hand of one of the desktop version. The relationship with computers in the house will be very close, good for the growth of universal application either by the possible use of a Surface strategy with phones: launch a reference device other manufacturers copied.

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