The next time we travel to Japan only need our footprint to shop

The biometric security system have been part of various devices for several years, but its use and applications of bulk is relatively new, which gradually continues to gain ground in more and more fields and functions. The most popular form of this technology is found in the fingerprint sensors, which are now becoming the star feature of smartphones (with reservations) and some other device such as computers, padlocks and even credit cards.

But now the use of our footprint could be out of the gadgets we use every day a new and interesting use this because the government of Japan recently to publicize a new system that will serve so that tourists can shop and check your identity within the country using two fingerprints.

Travel to Japan
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Our footprint as currency

This system will be operational during next summer with the participation of more than 300 establishments, but the idea is that for the 2020 Olympics at least 90% of establishments such as hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants and others have this identification system for tourists.

The system will offer tourists to pay for purchases and identified in places like hotels, so this will be a module on every airport in the country where we have to register our credit cards, or any other form of payment, including cash, so we have access to a personal account of tourist that will identify us in the country for transactions and identification.

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With this, on every purchase only need to verify our identity by placing two fingers on special devices installed in stores, with this avoid carrying wallet and passport at all times, no longer we need to currency exchange, in addition to the end our stay in the country, we will not need to perform the procedure for tax exemption will be debited automatically and we reimburse such taxes on the account we have appointed our arrival.

The Japanese government expects more than 40 million tourists during the Olympic Games and with this system expected drastically reduce fraud regarding cloning of cards, as well as passport and identity theft, plus they expect decrease changes currency.

However, there is a concern by a passenger sector, as virtually the Japanese government would fingerprints and financial and personal data of millions of people around the world, so you must specify further how in which they will safeguard this information, since it is a goldmine for hackers.

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