The upcoming MacBook Pro will let us take 32GB of RAM and Intel’s Kaby Lake processors

It sounds like little after a CES 2017 has been packed with gaming laptops, where there was room for monster configurations, also quite balanced. The common denominator in the industry is to move to the seventh generation of Intel processors, and the new MacBook Pro should not be left out of the game.

We are not going to discover anything with Apple, the Californian company has always been characterized by making evolutions to the rhythm that they consider, and they do not always offer us the newest thing in common components with other brands. This year they have been more concerned about placing an extra screen on the computers, and according to most tests, a range that has had to be fixed with updates.

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If we pay attention to one of the smart people on this to predict things about Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI, the next thing is going to make Apple’s fix one of the weaknesses of its current offer: up RAM to the 32GB, since until now it was only possible to configure 16GB. Not everyone will need that amount – video and image professionals – but it is clear that in these times it is mandatory to serve such a configuration.

The official response to leave the thing in 16GB in the latest known MacBook Pro has to do with the battery. Phil Schiller defends the decision to limit the amount for autonomy to be greater : the MacBook Pro uses 16GB of LPDDR memory at 2133 MHz, if you have to double that amount have to choose DDR memory that is not as low consumption, and make a design deeper. Apple needs to skip to LPDDR4 or DDR4L.

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Renewal of the range at the end of the year

The KGI analyst says that we will have to wait until the fourth quarter of this year to know this hardware update of the Pro laptops.

The switch to Kaby Lake processors – which are also not without criticism – will impact both available sizes, 13 and 15 inches. The 32GB of RAM will be left alone for the 15-inch model.

Accompanying the 32GB of RAM, Kuo considers that Apple will upgrade the small 12-inch MacBook, doubling its RAM : from 8 to 16GB. When it appeared in the market in 2015 was a good amount, but the competition “ultraportable” does not stop to improve in components. About MacBook Air, not a news.

It seems clear that Apple where it is making money is with mobile devices, and the priority is not on computers, in fact there is a fairly large silence on desktop upgrades, with a Mac Pro completely forgotten. Not to mention the reorganization in the departments responsible for performing software, it is rumored that they are working little on Mac.

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