This amazing system based on an EEG and a mobile can translate thought into speech

A California company called Smartstones has created a device that allows people with speech difficulties to express themselves by reading brain waves that are interpreted and transformed into sentences through a mobile application.

The system combines a striking EEG Emotiv device and application: prose, with which patients of diseases such as ALS, autism or cerebral palsy, among others, may have to reach a form of expression that will enable communication with people around them.

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A promising solution

The system uses brain waves that are generated when the person wearing the device placed thinks about the movements that would do to communicate. Other systems translate those movements into phrases, but for people who can not move this solution provides a promising alternative.

Thanks to Epoc or Insight Emotiv device in combination with the application : Prose , a user simply must learn to think in movements that are associated with each command to the reader brainwave recognize that thought and send the right signal to the mobile satellite Bluetooth, which makes the application to recognize and translate that phrase with a synthesized voice.

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According to those responsible for the system it is easier to use than based on pictogram for example, and is relatively inexpensive (Insight Emotiv headset costs $299, for example). This alternative to systems like EyeControl or OptiKey that are based on eye tracking, oal system used by Stephen Hawking based on the movement of her cheeks, can be one of the most promising for patients with these diseases.

The development is ongoing and implementation: Prose is available at the moment for iOS for a price of $ 60. Anyone interested can evaluate the “think to speak” system – still in beta phase Smartstones going to the official website of this company, whose engineers believe that the results are really promising. Visit for more tech update.

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