This curved screen 40-inch 4K resolution is not a television, a monitor Philips

At this point in 2016 no one will be surprised by the existence of giant monitors, Dell showed us its 43 – inch model and self – Philips has a similar model. Okay, panel technology exists in televisions and seems easy to create a monitor, but not exactly the same as in a matter of connection ports and calibration; we are not facing the same product.

Philips 4K monitor
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What Philips has to teach us today is a new monitor generously sized, as much as 40 inches, which also adds the curvature. If no manufacturer solves these weeks remaining, the computer monitor will be the biggest in having curved screen.

Apart from that its resolution is 4K, commensurate with the size, and carries speakers integrated, we can give little information about the monitor. Comment that there was already a similar model in the catalog but remained at 34 inches.

No frames or ULTRACOLOR

The presentation will not be alone; Philips intends to renew the range with special monitors such as the C7 series, characterized by having a nearly nonexistent frames on three sides, the smallest in the brand. Will accompany another family on the same line – without frames on all four sides – as is the C6 series, with 24 and 27 inches (QHD).

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Furthermore, monitors will E8 and E7 designed in the color representation for professional photo and video you do not want to buy products too expensive. They have the ULTRACOLOR Philips technology that represents 85% of the range of NTSC (it is usually 72%).

All these monitors will be officially presented at the IFA 2016 to be held in Berlin in early September. There we ‘ll find complete specifications, prices and dates of release.

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