This is the Bluetooth cap with which Samsung wants to revolutionize the Paralympic swimming

Once end up Rio Olympics in September will take over the XV Paralympic Games. In tests such as swimming, being blind swimmers have no references to find out when they reach the end of their lane and should turn around, so that coaches often give small blows to the head and back with a stick with a hard sponge to indicate it.

To avoid having to use so rudimentary techniques in the future, Samsung and Cheil Spain have spent months developing the Blind Cap. It is a simple swim cap that integrates a Bluetooth system vibration, so that the coach may warn the athlete when it reaches the end of the lane without touching it.

Samsung blind cap
Image Source: Google Image

The cap has been developed in collaboration with the Spanish Paralympic Committee, and as we see, all you have to do the coach is pressing a button on a specific application. In doing so the cap athlete vibrate , warning that has reached the end of lane and it is the right time to make the turn.

The application will be available to watch Samsung Gear S2 and any type of mobile Android, and also record data for the year as the total rate or lap times, displaying them with graphs on the mobile for the coach to have a better view of how it is carrying out the exercise.

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Blind Cap not arrive in time for the next Paralympics, but already being tested. In the tests that appear in the promotional video we see the swimmer Israel Oliver Peña, winner of 3 gold medals, and the Paralympics coach with over 30 years of experience with visually impaired swimmers Jose Luis Benito Vaquero.

Samsung started talking about the project in May, and is using the framework of the Olympic Games in Rio for more impact. At the moment it is only a prototype, so there is still no date for the disposal, but aims to be an invention that, although simple, could help thousands of athletes.

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