This is the first affordable camera that promises to broadcast live video in 360 degrees

Right now we are living the explosion of two highly popular currents and bring us a significant degree of innovation to the world of technology: on the one hand we have the virtual reality with devices like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Playstation VR, all available from commercially this year; but we also have the live-streaming, which has taken control of mobile platforms with examples such as Periscope, Facebook Live, and if the rumors are true, YouTube Connect.

Live video in 360 degrees
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On the part of the live-streaming we have seen still emerging platforms that leverage the use of smartphone as the main tool for transmissions, but now with the explosion of virtual reality and especially affordable devices, such as the case of Google Cardboard or the VR Gear, demand for content has increased 360 degrees, so we have seen some companies, such as the case of Nikon, GoPro and the same Samsung, have announced their cameras to record video in 360 degrees. But what if we want to broadcast live video to virtual reality glasses? This is precisely what Orah 4i offers.

Pointing to the future of video

Today are few options that offer streaming video in 360 degrees live for this expensive professional equipment is needed, or build your own with really complicated as several GoPro joined by a device option, that are telling the tangle cables and computer power we need to manage all this data.

And this is where you want to go VideoStitch, a company that for more than four years has been dedicated to creating software that links signals from different cameras in order to create a single video 360, now with that experience have decided to launch towards creating hardware announcing the Orah 4i camera, they say will be the first to broadcast video live 360 degrees for an affordable price.

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The Orah 4i is presented as a compact aluminum camera body is equipped with four cameras with Sony sensor and F2.0 fisheye lenses, processing comes thanks to two video chips manufactured by Ambarella, plus we have four microphones “Ambisonic” to record audio at 360 degrees.

One of its advantages is that you only need an Ethernet cable to operate, but its creators do not rule out in the future offer a version of rechargeable batteries to make it fully mobile. In addition, inside we find a CPU signed by Intel, Nvidia GPU and 120GB SSD storage.

People who have had a chance to try it, mention that is incredibly simple to jump-start, but especially the quality of the transmitted video is constant and there is no noticeable changes. The Orah 4i have a price reserve of $1795, a price that will continue throughout the month, since then its price will reach $3595 dollars.

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