Ultra Wide Curved Monitor LG 21:9 34″ Model 34UC98

Let’s start with the specifications of the monitor LG Ultra Wide Curved 21:9 34″, the screen is 34 inches IPS technology Ultra Wide curve with a spec ratio of 21: 9 with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 with 300 nits bright, in the back we have 2 USB 3.0 ports one for fast charging, 2 ports thunderbolt 2.0, 2 HDMI ports, 1 input for headphones or speaker, and a port to another display, the monitor includes HDMI cable for display, and connector to the wall, its weight is 7.8 kilos.

The monitor has very thin edges virtually the entire screen is used, the sides of the monitor are aluminum, the back is white plastic that gives a presence of modernism and simultaneously cleaning the ports are discovered, this will I find a point in favor thanks to its easy access.

LG Model 34UC98
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The base is a mixture of aluminum and plastic, is very tough, solid and easy to assemble, in just three steps we monitor ready, we must first connect the 2 parts of the base so that finally we place the monitor with a single click, the base can be adjusted in height by simply pressing the top and the screen can accommodate 15 degrees up or down 15 giving comfort to the user.

Let’s have a menu screen which is activated by a button on the bottom of the monitor with we can modify some aspects either bright, aspect ratio, sound, color, etc. If you see that the screen has very wide images can modify the configuration ASPECT ratio.

Now let’s talk about my experience, really amazing, we can work with different windows simultaneously, divide the monitor and work with two pages simultaneously, it is perfect for video editing, photography and music, allowing for more content on the screen making it easier to choose the elements and efficiently edit our video. After being working and editing video with this monitor it has been difficult to return me to my computer. Thanks to its width when surfing the internet can have, as I said, several pages on the screen and not only that also each screen will have the ability to use a lot of windows at once, more than 15 no problem, what productivity is an important factor in this monitor, but for me the best in navigation is to work with two pages at once.

For gamers, this monitor is really amazing, the games look much better under 1080p resolution on this screen with resolution 3440 x 1440, bright, crisp colors, the experience one has, thanks to the curvature of the screen is enveloping, one feel that sense of immersion in the game, I have used with either the Xbox Oney the AppleTV.

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The monitor features gameplay that gives the user stabilizer black and synchronization dynamic action that can detect objects or enemies in dark areas

The movies look like it should be a ASPEC ratio 21:9 our experience when watching movies on this monitor are superior because it occupies the entire screen is really how we should see the movies, out to have that experience of immersion thanks the curvature.

To end the LG monitor 34UC98 ultra wide 34 inches is perfect for those who need productivity for video editors, those working in music, photography and enthusiastic gamers, the image quality is very good, easy to modify aspects of the screen to thanks to its menu, the sound is standard but can add a speaker, the curvature on this monitor gives us that immerse experience thanks to its width allows us to work with several pages at once. My experience has been very good and I really recommend it for those like me edit videos and need to be more productive when working.

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