Vivo Xplay 5 is the first phone with 6GB of RAM

More or less known, Vivo is one of those Chinese companies that are growing significantly in Asia, mainly for having quite striking hardware devices, we would say that next generation. Once you have presented models, quite ahead of their time, as with the protagonist of our story, the Vivo Xplay 5.

The company bears some relation to Oppo and OnePlus, but we will not go deeper into the matter, the most interesting is to know that your new model has 6GB of RAM, the first on the market. Not only that, premieres capacity by the star of the season chipset, the Snapdragon 820.

We are facing a screen phone with 5.43 inch and QHD resolution, two facts that will not surprise anyone, but they charge value to know that the panel is of type Super AMOLED. It’s really difficult to see a display of these features outside the high – end Samsung.

Vivo Xplay 5
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A curvature known

There is fingerprint sensor, but is placed at the back of the phone…

The phone is made ​​of metal, with a curvature on the sides of the screen that makes us remember the latest creations of Samsung, the last two generations of Edge phones.

At the bottom we find capacitive buttons that detract a little grace to the matter, but this is a matter of taste. What is interesting is meeting a connector USB Type-C at the bottom, or a slot on the side to accommodate two SIMs.

The full size of the Live Xplay 5 is 153.5 X 76.2 X 7.59 mm. Not bad for the size and everything within.

6GB of RAM with 820 Snapdragon

Everything on the phone seems to have been thought to be very rough, and do not know whether they will take advantage of these 6GB of RAM. We understand that Android appreciate so much space to work with resolution, textures, or multiple applications. As for internal memory, this version comes with 128GB.

Vivo said that the phone uses a design and a liquid cooling can lower the temperature ten degrees…

Yes, there will be at least two different models, one more “moderate” with the name ‘standard edition‘, which will have 4GB of RAM and Snapdragon 652 chipset A solution that we will be seeing on many phones that move between the range medium and high.

In both cases, it is interesting to know that have left space for a battery of considerable size, with 3600 mAh. There is also quick charge courtesy of the new Qualcomm chipset.

Sony camera, 16 megapixels

Sony is a regular on the phones high Chinese range, and in this particular model we meet again with the sensor IMX298, with all the usual fancy stuff that are occurring in the market, as the approach phase detection or stabilization. The lens has an aperture f / 2.0.

If we go to the front sensor, it is 8-megapixel camera with a lens f / 2.4.

There are many complicated details to expand the Chinese origin of the information, such as 3.0 HiFi sound system – with dedicated chips – something related called WiFi connectivity +, or version 2.5.1 of FunTouch, customizing home based in Android 5.1.

Two versions designed for China

Price differences will also be significant; the most basic is priced at less change to 500 dollars, while the flagship model – ‘Ultimate Edition‘ – will move closer to 600 dollars. We always talk about direct change, to get an idea. It will be available in three colors: white, pink and champagne.

As usual, we invite you to have in mind what you are buying pileup, for that we made ​​a number of points to consider. The network support does not seem very promising in this live, at least for interests, because it is designed for the Chinese 4G.

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