Web URL optimization of SEO

As a Uniform Resource Locator, URL is the web address and path of each page. The directory structure of the website files directly is reflected in URL. Clear and brief directory structure and normal name are not only beneficial to the user experience and publicity of web address, but also the symbols of friendly search engines.

1. Directory hierarchies:
As for a small website, generally there is only a layer of subdirectories, as follows: http://www.yoursite.com/seo/page. htm
www.yoursite.com is a domain name. SEO is the first grade directory name, and China SEO Company page is the file name. For search engine, this single directory structure is optimal, that is, flat structure.
A large website usually needs 2 or 3 layers of subdirectories, as follows: http://www.yoursite.com/dirl/dir2/ dir3/page.htm
In addition, graphics, scripts, CGI-BIN and CSS style sheets set up their own dedicated directories which are generally not placed in the root directory.

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2. Directory and file naming
According to the principle of keywords everywhere, you can use keywords in the directory name and file name. But the keyword phrase shall be separated by separators such as a hyphen -, an underscore _, and space code ~% 20 etc. Therefore Yahoo SEO Services, if Made in China is as a file name, there may be there kinds of separation as follows:
made-in-china. htm (hyphen)
made_in_china.htm (underscore)
made%20in%20china. htm (space code)
In fact, at least for now Google disagrees to regard _ as a separator. For Google made-in-China and made% 20in% 20china are equal to made in china, but made_in _china is read into madeinchina which will be meaningless. Therefore, if directory and file name have keyword phrase, you shall use a hyphen – instead of an underscore _ to separate.

3. Dynamic URL
Currently, many websites have dynamic URL which is generated through database-driven. The dynamic URL often manifest to appear ?, =, %, & and $, etc in URL. Dynamic URL is highly unpropitious for search engines to crawl pages and will seriously affect site ranking. Usually you should transform dynamic URL into static URL Yahoo SEO Service format through technology solutions. For example:
Change http://www.yoursite.com/messages.asp?id=2&type=5 to http://www.yoursite.com/messages/2/5/

4. Absolute URL and relative URL
An absolute URL is that the path uses a complete URL including an add-on domain. For example:
www.yoursite.com/pagel/index. html is an absolute path, and /pagel/index.html is a relative path. The browser automatically adds the link www.yoursite.com on this link. Overall, which one does URL use, relative path or absolute path? In fact, Google ranking does not care it at all.

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