What graphics card to buy for a PC Gaming 2018?

The market of graphics cards very moved by the cryptocurrency theme, choosing the graphics card that one aspires to the best performance for the lowest possible price is more complicated than ever. It is now when making the right decision is vital to try to get the best performance / price ratio with our next graphics card.

graphics cardWhat you should keep in mind before choosing a graphics card?

When buying a graphics card, we reviewed last year all the considerations to take into account as well as the key data to look at. By way of summary, in a general way they would be …

  • The hardware that you already have: Motherboard, power supply and even processor that we already have, if it is not a new computer, will determine in some way the size, consumption and specifications of our future graphics card.
  • Aspirations of performance in game: It is not the same to want to have a next-generation game at more than 60 fps that need only performance for eSports titles. Nor the game resolution we want to work on. It will depend on this that we need a greater or lesser graphic power.
  • Life: In some cases, accurately determine the memory and level of the graph as we pretend that it resists better the passage of time will help us adjust the budget and get the best power / price ratio.

Among the more specific details to look at the technical specifications we can mention the editions of each manufacturer, where extra cooling or overclocking issues, available inputs / outputs, size / extra power, possibility of combining several cards or specific software come into play that can take the balance to a particular card among those that we propose. These considerations are already personal needs of each one.

The best graphic cards from 75 to 1000 dollars

This shopping guide includes various models of graphic cards according to quality and price criteria, although we must take into account the rapid variation of prices of some ranges that, depending on the moment we are going to buy, can be left in a superior price margin.

Basic cards for eSports for less than 100 dollars

In desktop computers where, despite having a processor with integrated graphics such as the latest Intel Core or the recently launched AMD APU, we want a push for games mainly eSports type, two are recommended models without having to invest more than 100 dollars in them.

Nvidia GT 1030

graphics card

Nvidia recently presented a graphics card that, without possibility of being used for VR, aspires to get into computers where esports are their main source of entertainment and the budget can not exceed 100 dollars.

This model of MSI stands out for the consumption, very small, which makes it very suitable for PCs with power supplies little powerful or older. You do not need to connect more than the board and that’s it. It is also a silent component since it does not have fans (which opens a range of multimedia possibilities as well or working with video / photo), although the operating temperature must be taken care of. Currently you can find it for less than 90 dollars.

Gigabyte Radeon RX 550

graphics card

With more consumption than Nvidia but also more power to play 1080p reducing the quality of the details, the Radeon RX 550 is a better option than the previous one to focus on the game for just a little more money. You can find it in its version of 2 GB and OC of GigaByte for 95 dollars.

Graphic cards for less than 150 dollars

If we can stretch the budget a bit more, the move to a better card than the previous ones does not currently imply a much larger outlay. We talk about graphics to start in the game on PC but with guarantees. You ensure this year playing practically any title with 1080p quality and 30 fps if you want everything to the fullest, or about 60 fps in less quality. They are also plenty of options to surpass 100 fps in esports games.

Nvidia GTX 1050

graphics card

With the general rise in prices, the Nvidia GTX 1050 remains a must buy if you want a model of sufficient graphics to play the most detail in 1080p resolution for little money, maintaining a compact size and without requiring extra power. Therefore, we could adapt it more easily to computer models that we already have and to which we want to update the graphic part. The model of Gigabyte, of the most balanced, can be obtained for 149 dollars.

Radeon RX 560 4 GB OC

graphics card

The alternative that more valid on the part of AMD is the Radeon RX 560. The version with 4 GB of RAM, if you can find it in stock, can be obtained even for 129 dollars, although that price is not real at present. Think better than, if you can find it in stock, its price will be higher than 160 dolllars.

The advantage of this version is that it has more GDDR5 memory, which augurs a better future in the short term, without forgetting that, if we have a Freesync monitor, it would be the recommended graphics for an initiation gaming team. Against it plays that, this version of Sapphire marks a consumption significantly greater (90 W) than the choice of Nvidia, and cooler worse by the use of a single fan.

Currently the option that we could get more easily is the RX 560 with 2 GB of memory. The ASUS version with OC and two fans costs less than 140 dollars.

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Graphic cards up to 350 dollars

The medium-high – end graphics cards is the one that has suffered most from the explosion of mined cryptocurrency. To the lack of stock it is necessary to add a considerable rise in prices that makes the selection of a model with a good price / quality ratio precisely in a margin where it was not difficult to find the most adequate balance in the catalog of graphic cards to play.

Some very valid recommendations for last year, like the GTX 1050 Ti, have increased their price and reduced stock, although for 175 dollars we can get a version of MSI with 4 GB and OC. That said, in this margin of up to 350 dollars, the best recommendations today would be the following. Choosing one or the other will depend on our consumption preferences and the budget margin we have.

Radeon RX 570 4GB

graphics card

Whether your idea is to play 1080p with rates higher than 60 fps or 2K in many cases above 30 fps, the Radeon RX 570 with 4 GB memory is an option that has entered strongly in this range. There is a more recommendable version of 8 GB but it goes budget.

The model of Gigabyte Aorus, very well cooled and with reduced noise in operation, has a surprising price of 329 dollars, although it is difficult to find one in stock. To do it, again we must raise the money we pay, about 379 dollars.

MSI Radeon RX 480

graphics card

For considerably less money, 245 dollars, but many more stock problems than in this average range, the MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 4GB is a wise choice if we do not mind sacrificing some fps in game at 1080p and maximum quality, in exchange of much lower consumption than the more recent AMD 500 series graphics.

Nvidia GeForce 1060 6 GB

graphics card

Combining reduced power with plenty of power to play 1080p at maximum fps and be able to venture into the game 2K touching the 50 fps in many top-level titles, the GeForce 1060 with 6 GB is a guarantee of success today. The model of Zotac remains for only 349 dollars.

Actually all the GTX 1060 family that is not the 3 GB, has suffered the rebound of demand and interesting models such as the EVGA for its small size, it shoots above 500 dollars.

Graphic cards for less than 500 dollars

The one that only a year ago was a category that agglutinated the best options in power / price ratio for gamers that were not satisfied, it has become a nightmare nowadays. The general increase in this range is more than 200 dollars, in some cases more. It will depend on your real needs and budget bet at this time for a graph of this level knowing that its quality / price is completely destroyed.

ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 8GB

graphics card

Perhaps the only exception that we can find now below 500 dollars and that may be worthwhile for its performance with all kinds of games , but especially in the most current optimized (Directx 12 / Vulkan) in large resolutions (4K game). The well-reworked version of ASUS, with 8 GB of memory, two HDMI ports ready for virtual reality and certified dust resistance, is in stock for 490 dollars, a price in any case higher than its release on the market. If you have a Freesync monitor, it should be your choice.

Nvidia GTX 1070

graphics card

For performance and direct comparison, the GTX 1070 of Nvidia must compete in this price margin, because officially it is a graph in the margin of 470 dollars. However, of the models currently in stock, all of them from third parties, they place it well above 500 dollars.

This reference model to play without limitations and above 40-50 fps in most current games to 4K, in its version of Gigabyte, has a current price of 559 dollars.

Graphic cards of up to 1000 dollars

Still within the consumer market and without considering configurations of several graphics, there are a number of GPU models that represent the best of the market, only suitable for very bulky budgets and that not only seek maximum performance without complications in the 2K game and 144 Hz but with 4K.

Nvidia GTX 1080 / GTX 1070 Ti

graphics cardThe high-end graphics card duo of Nvidia make up almost an independent universe. Very couples in performance, as we checked in our review of the GTX 1070 Ti, will depend on the improvement of third parties you want or prefer, as well as specific games, because only in some titles at 4K at the highest level the graphics GTX 1080 takes something of advantage.

Depending on the customized version you choose, the price difference is considerable. The Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti more objectionable and recommended would be the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti GAMING, which we can get for less than 600 dollars.

RX Vega 56

graphics cardLike other AMD models, the RX Vega 56 graphics card suffers from a bulky overprint which means that where the Vega 64 should be, the Vega 56 is priced. Only recommended if you need an AMD graphic and you find a good offer. Currently its price is 833 dollars.

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