What has a PC that costs $37,000?

The golden age of the PC was left behind, but there is still interest in a segment that in fact continues to provide us with crazy and absolutely exaggerated models in terms of both price and performance.

We have an excellent example in the OrionX, a desktop PC that costs 26,599.99 pounds (about $ 37,000 or 30,000 euros at the current rate) and that is a song to excess. What can a PC carry to cost that absurd amount? Let’s see it …

This is not one PC, they are two

The guys from Overclockers UK have long seemed to have the ambition to create the most expensive PC on the market. We already talked about them in 2013 with the 8Pack Supernova, a model that now seems even cheap with the $13,000 that was cost at that time.

The new OrionX 8Pack goes even beyond what that model achieved, and does so with an absolutely bestial hardware configuration in which in addition to finding the best components of the market, we also find them forced with overclocking.

Not only that: the system is as powerful as it is silent thanks to the liquid refrigeration integrated in the box chosen by its creators, an Entity Elite Phanteks that has a price by itself of 899.99 dollars, an amount with which we could configure ourselves a PC quite decent.

The 64 GB of RAM, the three Titan X Pascal and the Intel Core i9-7980XE of the main system are there, a bit hidden among the attractive liquid cooling system.

As we will see in the specifications, the choice of components is clearly oriented to try to get the best possible performance, but this is not a PC, but there are two.

As its creators explain, the idea is to combine these two systems “to allow flexibility without compromises: the main machine is designed to destroy any task, while the second system works in tandem so that you can work and play at the same time”.

PC that costs $37,000

Bestial specifications

In the OrionX do not go with tiny in any section, although the speed with which new components arise makes that in some cases there may be more interesting options in the market today.

Hidden in the bottom of this daunting assembly, the secondary system, with a Core i7-7700K, 16 GB of RAM and a single GeForce Titan X Pascal. We would like very much for that secondary system to be our primary one.

Even so, both the main and the secondary systems are themselves true beasts of the process in which one can certainly miss more RAM, more SSD storage or different processors.

We miss the Core i7-8700K in the secondary system, for example, but it is clear that dealing with these configurations and ensuring that they work perfectly makes it difficult to be absolutely up to date. Here is that configuration, in which we have tried to isolate the current price of the main components in US stores like Amazon or NewEgg to get an approximate total cost of those components.

INTEL CORE I9-7980XE 1979,99 1 1979,99
64 GB DDR4 2666 839.99 1 839.99
SAMSUNG 960 PRO 1 TB 615.16 1 615.16
SAMSUNG 850 EVO 1 TB 349.99 2 699.98
SEAGATE BARRACUDA 10 TB 352.99 1 352.99
INTEL CORE I7-7700K 324 1 324
ASUS ROG STRIX Z270I 199 1 199
SAMSUNG 960 PRO 512 GB 299.99 2 599.98
SEAGATE BARRACUDA 10 TB 352.99 1 352.99
TOTAL 16042.01

The total is significantly lower than the final price, although logically there are some sections that we have not considered or included in the cost. The most relevant is probably the one that affects the liquid cooling solution, based on a triple loop that according to them is “the most complex and efficient custom liquid cooling system ever installed on a PC”.

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The interior of the Orion X of course shows that they have taken this liquid cooling solution very seriously, something that also allows to keep at bay the temperatures of the different components that have been maximized by overclocking techniques. For this, several 480mm and 360mm radiators are used.

PC that costs $37,000

The powerful Titan X Pascal works in SLI at frequencies of 2 GHz (its native working frequency is about 1.5 GHz) while the Core i9-7980XE works at a minimum at 4.6 GHz (2.6 GHz). native, 4.2 GHz with Turbo mode). For its part, the Core i7-7700K of the second system runs at a minimum of 5.1 GHz (4.2 GHz in series, 4.5 GHz in Turbo mode).

Here there are curiosities, such as the fact that there are not many games that support the AFR Rendering technology that allows distributing the rendering of each frame of the game between different graphic cards and, in this case, between the three of the main system.

NVIDIA does not even offer official support for 3-way and 4-way configurations for its GeForce GTX 10 graphics (Pascal), but where it is possible to take advantage of that power is in applications accelerated by GPU. We are not talking about cryptocurrency mining – there are much more interesting graphics in terms of efficiency and performance – but in areas such as 3D design, the increasingly striking applications of artificial intelligence or even intensive scientific computing.

In this configuration, as we said, the price of the whole goes beyond the sum of its parts, and therefore the final price is more than double that imposed by these components. The liquid cooling solution to which we alluded, the overclocking operations that make this PC give even more of itself from the first moment and the validation of the whole system takes time and effort, and that is what causes a price equally of madness.

A $ 37,000 PC does not make sense until you have it

This hymn to exaggeration is probably criticized by price and performance: the power of this system can only be squeezed in very demanding tasks. Even that combined scenario in which we can leave the main system doing some ultra-complicated render in the background while playing 4K with the second system is probably unusual.

PC that costs $37,000

But as in other segments (that of cars restates the analogy), OrionX exists simply because it can do it. It’s not for everyone (or rather, it’s not for almost anyone), but with this team Overclockers UK continues to show that in that niche of high-end PCs are ready to continue raising the bet.

For that money, of course, we can access options that for many could be just as interesting or more. In PCPartPicker it is easy to go to the systems that people have already built to order them by price.

The most ambitious of the list is this, but is that although the PC is not bad, in the end much of the investment is for the home theater system that the user was assembled, spending about $ 25,000 between speakers, armchairs or the 75-inch Samsung TV to enjoy the experience.

There are other creations that go more in the line of OrionX and that have been made by users and experts in this field. The example we have in the Erebus of Declassified Systems, a PC of 24,500 dollars that actually are also two (on the one hand the Core i9-7980XE, on the other, an AMD 1950X Threadripper) and that as you can see in the video had a unique design and that demonstrated to behave in an amazing way in the performance tests (32,000 points in FireStrike, 3,348 points in Cinebench R15).

It is evident that in this type of machines they are aimed at a very special public that invests in them (or builds them from scratch), and beyond their wreck or performance it is always interesting to see how far it is possible to get with current technology. The options, as always, are good, however exaggerated and expensive they seem, do not you think?

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