Xiaomi assaults the camera market with serious bet: Mirrorless, 4K, and knockdown price

At this point in the film I would not say that Xiaomi is a company known for their phones, since their expansion all electronic pileup has no limits, and the next territory that wants to conquer is that of the cameras. Some historical brands will be thinking that has been a bad neighbor to the neighborhood.

The debut is done with its company YI – Young Innovators – the same that is disturbing enough in the field of action cameras. Enter the proper camera market is quite complicated, to be told Samsung that you created in the last two years some of the best models with family NX and practically had to close the department.

xiaomi camera
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I think Xiaomi’s pretty smart with this first step, taking an established system that really works on the step of cameras to fans who also seek something else. We talk about the models without mirror that are within the format micro four thirds. Yes, the same used by Olympus and Panasonic in their cameras with interchangeable lenses.

As a result does not have to break its head to create a camera from scratch, not have to worry about lenses, and others they will have opened the way. What anda sensor is YI M1? As it has chosen a CMOS Sony with 20.16 megapixels, known internally as IMX269.

Yi M1 is capable of recording video format 4K at 30 frames per second, up to ISO 25600, and as seems obvious in a camera of this type, recording in RAW / DNG format. The truth is that the ingredients are looking very good. The specifications are a special way with 50 megapixels.

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As you can see in the pictures, and there is no electronic viewfinder, or no flash. How to interact with it and viewing pictures through your touch screen 3 inches. As for connectivity not missing Bluetooth, or WiFi, and standing before a product ecosystem Xiaomi, no shortage of applications for mobile devices.

Its initial destination is China, there will be sold at a fairly low price for the type of camera is and the good finish which is presupposed: will ask for less than 300 dollars, to change. The scary thing is that at that price you mind a basic but interesting target in focus as it is a 12-40 mm (f / 3.5-5.6). There is a second kit with a goal that seems more serious, 42.5 mm with maximum aperture f / 1.8, by asking, change, about 400 dollars.

As usual in Xiaomi products, and if the system can be put in another language – important in a camera – sure that we ended up seeing in many import stores. For those who are interested, will be available black and white.

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