Xiaomi think that two heads are better than one and launches dual camera configuration in the Redmi Pro

Xiaomi had an appointment with us today and has complied with the presentation of the new Redmi Pro. We are facing an important step in the successful family of Redmi phones, which according to its creator has passed the 110 million phones sold globally.

Its main feature, or at least what makes it different from his brothers, is the dual camera configuration for the rear, where coexist a sensor Sony 13 megapixel one Samsung 5 megapixel.

We have seen many attempts to “double chamber”, in some – if LG G5 – the modules operate independently, in others – such as – are used to merge the information captured both and thus achieve greater depth the picture.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro
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To govern this process we have a new dedicated processor, which has been christened imagiQ. Accompanying the camera flash is a dual dual tone. Comment that the front camera is 5 megapixels.

The Redmi are passed to the OLED

The other striking aspect is the jump to panels OLED. It is made with a unit with resolution Full HD and 5.5 inches on the diagonal. This is an inevitable change that LG and Samsung are helping to promote increasingly we will see phones “expensive and cheap” with this type of panel.

On the hardware side there are also new, is committed to a MediaTek chipset specifically Helio X25 with 10 cores, accompanied by an ARM Mali-T880 GPU. The configuration of cores is: 2 more powerful units ARM Cortex A72, A53 and 8 units Cortex. The maximum cycle clock is 2.5GHz.

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Keep in mind that there is a “basic” version with 32GB opting for a Helio X20 with 3GB of RAM, the same amount that bears the 64GB option. If you opt for the phone with 128GB RAM up to 4GB. Demands our attention the computer battery with4.050mAh.

Redmi Pro, Availability

It is a phone that initially comes out in China, on August 6, in memory three steps: 32, 64 or 128GB, with prices ranging from 200 to 270 dollars. Available colors are gold, silver and dark gray.

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