You can spend ten years recording on the new Sony SSDs 960GB for audio-visual professionals

Sony not caught him new create memories and sell, either in established formats or owners, but the reality is that it was not interested too much in the SSDs in the traditional format we know – there was something, M series. Now we see that it puts hand to the matter with some very professional solutions.

The Japanese firm is so involved in the world of audiovisual production that it interests to have well served its customers with the necessary accessories. 4K recording at the quality of their cameras requires robust and fast storage media, but also relatively affordable (they have more expensive professional solutions, SxS).

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Initially two sizes are proposed: 960 and 480GB, both with a read speed of 550 MB / s, and writing of 500 MB / s. But its strength is not in size or speed, it is in its duration over time and sure that it will work well.

These units are designed to give you a lot of work, constantly moving information, or pulling and getting into different equipment.

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For us to know that this is a professional product, Sony labels them within its highest product category, the so-called “G Series Professional”. In these units we can write up to 2400 terabytes of information.

They promise that in the most capable model – SV-GS96 960GB – there will be a bug, working five days a week, for ten years. In the smallest, that failure rate is reduced by half.

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The idea is to surround a memory technology as well known as SSD of shock protections, drops in speed reading or power, and connectors that can withstand 3,000 operations without any problem. We talk about six times the tolerance of a normal SATA.

All this has to be paid for, and Sony offers the 960GB drive for $540 – one of another brand may cost just over $300 – while the 480GB drive will go for $290 – for $200 there are in other brands. They go on sale in May of this year.

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