ZTE ProM Plus, a curious hybrid but improvable 

You may ZTE usually we relate to the manufacture and sale of smartphones, but actually we saw consumer electronics products beyond them with projectors, namely small and brand categorized as smart. After the ZTE SpPro 2 introduced last year, now the company intends to go one-step further on the concept of projectors featuring the ZTE ProM Plus.

Another manufacturer that adds to the fashion of adding the name “plus” in any of its products, and this time probably due to two notable differences with their predecessors. The SPro Plus is greater in size than the latter and not only incorporates a larger panel but is a hybrid between tablet and projector . We attended presentation at MWC 216 and we could try. We told you our first impressions.

ZTE ProM Plus
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Angle to the curve, here

It is curious to see how lately has been repeated in many cases the fact of having gone from a design with angled edges curved edges (and metal). Examples are LG with LG G5, HTC with One A9 or what it did Samsung with the Galaxy S6 (and maintained with S7 Galaxy, in fact), and so is the ProM Plus, since ZTE has past a model with angles in the case of SPro 2 to the curved edges of the current.

Available in two colors (gold and silver), finishing is quality, although several of the devices exposed folding base having at the base was too hard and even appeared in some forced, being so expensive to fold. Not occur on all devices, but remains something that needs revision, either for not being the right fit for not having applied a good design or because spoil later with use.

That is why we have had mixed feelings regarding the design and construction: although it seems that it is a quality material, there are aspects that can take points according to taste, as they have opted for a cap for connections (HDMI, USB and audio jack) or the fact that apparently the design attend more to the part of projector tablet, as the position of one of the speakers on the side (where usually holding in hand) or gridded basis.

Two products, two experiences

Use as we talk, sensations vary with respect to the experience with the Spro Plus. Pico proyector As we saw in the demo after the presentation that the projected image quality at an approximate distance of two meters was good, in terms of lighting, detail and vivid colors. Whether it was a game or a video, visualization was satisfactory (yes, in a suitably dark environment), some expect 2K resolution and a brightness of 500 nits.

As a bonus is being able to connect some peripherals wirelessly as a gamepad. In fact, intends ZTE with this hybrid is that it is a portable media center and not only takes the place of TV and tablet, but it is a console or a computer for the audiovisual entertainment. In this regard, in addition, we have a measurement of decibels (the environment would not allow it), but we can say that they have more than enough power.

However, when we use tablet experience it is less satisfactory. Obviously we cannot expect it to be as comfortable as it is a standard tablet, the thickness usually does not exceed the centimeter and usually do not reach 500 grams (citing two examples, the iPad Air 2 or Z4 Tablet weigh 437 and 393 grams respectively) but in addition to the extra dimensions is the fact that we discussed the position of the side speaker, which is easily covered when it grabs the tablet.

Moreover, also it is heating the device suffers when used as a projector, which is hard to avoid though a mechanical ventilation system is incorporated. Something that no longer logical and understandable but trumps experience if we want to project as we used it as tablet or automatically do after having been projecting for a while.

Another issue that influences the management regarding this application is the fact that it does have a direct and convenient access to volume control (on the frame of the screen with a touch slider) but the power button needed to unlock, is not the most comfortable spot, although it is more complex to locate the characteristics of the product. For this reason a solution as the release by double tap would be appreciated, that would more comfortable experience both hold in hand and on the table.

Android projection according ZTE

Since not only talking about a projector, we must also take a moment to talk about the software. This is version 6.0 of Android Marshmallow with the layer of customizing your manufacturer, in which we find particularities as the fact that multitasking button is separated from the rest.

On paper specification is expected by the device perform well, incorporating a Snapdragon 801 with 3GB of RAM. However, we encountered some delay both transitions and start some apps, as well as multitasking, which may be partly due to the incorporation of a 2K panel.

Saving this slight lack of fluidity (and orientation settings, which some have found the erratic device), the Spro Plus runs videos and games without stoppages, and wireless devices are linked easily. Something tinged lot in the presentation by the use multifunction seeking to achieve with this symbiont between tablet and pico.

The good and the bad of being the new

Zte’s bid this year in the field of small-scale projectors has opened a new niche…

ZTE’s bid this year in the field of small – scale projectors has opened a new niche, at least at the level of brand. In addition, this type of strategy for the manufacturer always represents a risky and advantageous move at the same time.

In favor? Being unique in its kind and play with a rather ambiguous user profile, to address the specific case where this particular concept or function family multimedia center mentioned before fusion look. Against? It is not a proposal powerful enough to create that niche.

A first model, which, as we have seen, has many aspects that can be improved both in terms of construction and in terms of software. However, it has features that provide a good claim as an enormous battery of 12,100 mAh (almost double the previous Spro), a screen resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels or the fact that it is a fairly compact product taking into account the combines two devices.

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